backlinks Quality Score (BQS) Calculator

You can use this calculator to check the quality of your links.

IMPORTANT: please remember to change the default values. You can use SEMrush, or any SEO tools you like. If you want to know the logic behind this, scroll to the bottom. 

AQS Calculator

BQS Score: 0

How to use this Backlinks Quality Calculator?

Watch the video below and it will explain how to evaluate the quality of backlinks in details.

Input Details and Impact

  • Description: This is the starting point of your score, representing the foundational authority of your site.
  • Impact: Acts as the base of your calculation. The higher your AS, the higher your starting score.


You can use DA if you prefer, it will be the base of the formula. 

  • Description: Reflects the number of visitors to the site gets.
  • Impact:
    • Less than 1,000 visits/month = -5 points (Low traffic can hinder your score)
    • 1,000 to 5,000 visits/month = +0 points (Moderate traffic doesn’t affect the score)
    • More than 5,000 visits/month = +5 points (High traffic boosts your score)
  • Description: Indicates if ads are pervasive across the site (on the sides, above, bottom, and pop-up).
  • Impact: Yes = -5 points (Too many ads can negatively impact user experience and authority)
  • Description: Whether the site promote controversial or sensitive topics like gambling, drugs, or inappropriate content.
  • Impact: Yes = -5 points (Risky topics can decrease your perceived authority)
  • Description: If the site offers direct products or services.
  • Impact: Yes = +5 points (Providing tangible goods or services positively influences authority)
  • Description: Compares the number of domains linking to the site versus those the site links out to.
  • Impact:
    • More external links than referring domains = -5 points (A poor link profile can reflect negatively)
    • More referring domains than external links = +5 points (A strong link profile enhances authority

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Frequently asked questions

BQS evaluates the quality of sites linking to you. Unlike Domain Authority, which can be manipulated, BQS uses multiple metrics to ensure you only attract or buy links from reputable sources.

Domain Authority measures quantity but not quality. BQS goes deeper, assessing whether a link from a site will actually benefit your SEO. It prevents you from wasting resources on links that look good on paper but harm performance in reality.

Toxic topics are those generally frowned upon by search engines and reputable advertisers, like adult content or dubious pharmaceuticals. Links from sites discussing these topics can negatively impact your SEO.

Check the BQS whenever you’re considering acquiring new backlinks—whether through direct outreach, content collaboration, or purchases. This ensures you consistently add only valuable links. 

BQS identifies high-quality sites, helping you target efforts on links that improve your search rankings. It guides you away from bad neighborhoods and towards communities that enhance your site’s credibility and visibility.

If its below 30, Avoid it. Focus on sources that boost your SEO health. Use BQS as a filter to prioritize high-quality, beneficial backlink opportunities and discard risky ones.