300% Traffic Boost and 1000 Keywords won in 6 Months for a Sydney Wedding Photography Studio


Perfect Moment Photography, a prestigious wedding photography studio in Sydney, is known for capturing the essence of weddings through stunning visuals. To enhance their online visibility and drive more business inquiries, they partnered with LinkHatch for specialized link-building strategies.

The Challenge

The goal was clear: increase Perfect Moment Photography’s digital footprint, boost inquiry volume, and drive significant revenue growth, enabling expansion across new locations.

Our Tailored Solution

LinkHatch stepped in with a dedicated approach:

  • Geo-Targeted Outreach Campaigns: We launched multiple outreach initiatives targeting Sydney-based businesses complementary to Perfect Moment Photography. This fostered non-competitive, mutually beneficial collaborations, allowing for regular link exchanges.
  • Wedding Magazine Contributions: Targeting well-known Sydney wedding magazines, we contributed high-quality content, further enhancing link-building efforts.
  • Persistent Internal Link Building: Ensuring seamless navigation through effective internal linking within the Perfect Moment Photography website.
  • Regular High-Quality External Links: We secured 4-5 new high-quality external links every month, focusing on relevance and authority.
  • Content Collaboration: Perfect Moment Photography’s new content linked to our partners, and in return, our new, relevant content was linked from their sites, creating a reciprocal link-building ecosystem.

Impressive Results

Our efforts led to phenomenal outcomes within just 6 months:

  • Increased Online Inquiries: A surge in qualified leads through the website.
  • Boosted Web Traffic: Over 100% increase in website visitors.
  • Enhanced Search Engine Presence: Major uplift in keyword rankings, with 200 keywords reaching page 1.
  • Revenue Growth: A steady month-over-month revenue increase of 18%.

Client Testimonial

Jeffery Wang, CEO of Perfect Moment Photography, praised LinkHatch: “Partnering with LinkHatch transformed our online presence. Their strategic link-building approach didn’t just increase traffic; it brought tangible business growth. We’re now poised to expand, thanks to their exceptional work.”

Saif Abbas

Saif Abbas

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