3,820% Traffic Increase and tremendous keyword ranking.


Yoyoink, an online ink cartridge retailer, was grappling with a tarnished SEO reputation from years of subpar practices by previous SEO agencies. Facing stiff competition from giants like Canon, they turned to LinkHatch for a strategic overhaul.

The Challenge

The task was monumental: cleanse Yoyoink’s SEO history of spammy backlinks, rebuild their site authority with quality links, and skyrocket their SEO performance to increase quality traffic.

Creative Solution by LinkHatch

Our approach was multifaceted and dynamic:

  • SEO Detox: First, we tackled the legacy of harmful backlinks. Through meticulous analysis, we identified and disavowed these spammy links, cleansing Yoyoink’s SEO slate.
  • Quality Link Building: With the past cleared, we embarked on a journey of building robust site authority. Our tactics included digital PR campaigns, broken link building, and strategic link exchanges.

Stellar Results

The outcomes speak for themselves:

  • Traffic Explosion: An astounding 3,820% increase in website traffic in just 12 months.
  • Keyword Domination: Achieved page 1 rankings for 3,100 targeted keywords, enhancing Yoyoink’s online visibility.

Client Praise

Kok Lee, CEO of Yoyoink.com, lauds the transformation: “LinkHatch’s comprehensive and creative approach to our SEO challenges has been nothing short of revolutionary. Their expertise in turning around our site’s authority and driving unprecedented growth in traffic and conversions has been a game-changer for us.”

Saif Abbas

Saif Abbas

Master of clicks and links. With a decade in the SEO game, he's boosted brands into the spotlight. When he’s not cracking the SEO code, he’s knee-deep in the latest AI and tech.