921 Demo Calls and 256% Organic Traffic Boost for a Graphic Design SaaS Company in 14 Months

Client Background

Brandripe, an innovative graphic design SaaS company, offers unlimited design services for a fixed fee. They approached LinkHatch to enhance their organic traffic and solidify their online presence in Singapore and Malaysia.

The Challenge

Brandripe’s ambitious goal was to generate a significant number of demo calls and improve their ranking for all targeted keywords. They needed a focused link-building strategy to stand out in the competitive graphic design market.


We concentrated solely on link-building techniques to propel Brandripe forward:

  • Digital PR Campaigns: We launched extensive digital PR campaigns, positioning Brandripe as a leader in the SaaS graphic design space, attracting high-quality backlinks from reputable sources.
  • Targeted Broken Link Campaigns: Our team scoured the web for broken links in the graphic design niche, offering Brandripe’s content as the perfect replacement, thus acquiring valuable backlinks.
  • Strategic Link Exchange: We established reciprocal link exchanges with relevant, non-competitive businesses, mutually enhancing each other’s domain authority and relevance.
  • Focused Link Acquisition: We consistently secured 4-5 high-quality external links per month, strategically chosen to bolster Brandripe’s domain authority and search engine rankings.


LinkHatch’s focused strategy delivered:

  • Substantial Increase in Demo Calls: 921 demo calls booked in 14 months, reflecting the effectiveness of our link-building strategy in driving relevant traffic.
  • Boost in Organic Traffic: A 250% surge in organic traffic, due to the increased online authority and improved search engine rankings.
  • Target Keyword Domination: Achieved page 1 rankings for 100% of targeted keywords in Singapore and Malaysia, a testament to the power of quality backlinks.

Abby Kurry, CEO of Brandripe, commends LinkHatch: “After many attempts with others, LinkHatch was a revelation. Their focused link-building approach not only skyrocketed our growth but reshaped our sales process, consistently delivering high-quality leads.”

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