Creative PR Campaign for Video Game Healthcare Characters

Client Confidentiality In this case, we focus on a unique and highly successful PR campaign carried out for a client whose identity remains undisclosed, adhering to our strict confidentiality policy. For a client specializing in nursing education, LinkHatch devised a unique PR campaign. The objective was to generate high-quality backlinks and raise the client’s profile […]

40 Links Earned in a month via Digital PR for a health-related client

Client Confidentiality In this case study, we delve into a high-impact project for a confidential client in the health and fitness sector. Due to privacy agreements, the client’s identity remains undisclosed, reflecting our commitment to discretion in all our partnerships. The Challenge The goal was formidable: generate a significant number of high-quality backlinks within a […]

921 Demo Calls and 256% Organic Traffic Boost for a Graphic Design SaaS Company in 14 Months

Client Background Brandripe, an innovative graphic design SaaS company, offers unlimited design services for a fixed fee. They approached LinkHatch to enhance their organic traffic and solidify their online presence in Singapore and Malaysia. The Challenge Brandripe’s ambitious goal was to generate a significant number of demo calls and improve their ranking for all targeted […]

300% Traffic Boost and 1000 Keywords won in 6 Months for a Sydney Wedding Photography Studio

Background Perfect Moment Photography, a prestigious wedding photography studio in Sydney, is known for capturing the essence of weddings through stunning visuals. To enhance their online visibility and drive more business inquiries, they partnered with LinkHatch for specialized link-building strategies. The Challenge The goal was clear: increase Perfect Moment Photography’s digital footprint, boost inquiry volume, […]

3,820% Traffic Increase and tremendous keyword ranking.

Background Yoyoink, an online ink cartridge retailer, was grappling with a tarnished SEO reputation from years of subpar practices by previous SEO agencies. Facing stiff competition from giants like Canon, they turned to LinkHatch for a strategic overhaul. The Challenge The task was monumental: cleanse Yoyoink’s SEO history of spammy backlinks, rebuild their site authority […]

400% Organic Traffic Growth for a Large-Scale Dinosaur Toy Manufacturer

Client Background The client, a purveyor of large-scale dinosaur toys for events, faced a stagnant online presence. With an impressive average order value ranging from $5,000 to $25,000, they needed a strategy to enhance their digital footprint and drive traffic for their high-ticket items. The Challenge The company’s aim was ambitious: escalate website traffic and […]