Refund Policy

LinkHatch Refund and Service Policy

  • Refund Policy: LinkHatch, a subsidiary of Incify Pte Ltd, offers irrevocable services and goods, so refunds are not available for completed work. All sales are final once services are rendered.

  • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee: If not satisfied, contact within 30 days of service delivery. We will attempt to rectify issues or offer a service credit applicable to future purchases.

  • Link Building Terms:

    • Guarantee: Links will be live for a minimum of 6 months. Replacements provided for removed links within this period.
    • No Refunds: Once a link is live, no refunds are issued.
    • Limited Control: As a brokerage, we don’t control all aspects of the domains we work with.
    • Site-Dependent Factors: No guarantee on URL acceptance, anchor text, indexation, or post-publication edits.
    • Client Responsibility: Review and approve sites for link placement; we assume satisfaction with chosen sites.
  • Liability and SEO Impact: LinkHatch does not guarantee specific SEO improvements and is not liable for any negative impacts from using our services.

  • Citation Cleanup Terms:

    • Service Nature: Manual outreach for citation correction, dependent on directory cooperation.
    • No Guarantees: Specific correction rates or timelines are not guaranteed.