922.38% Increase in organic traffic for a healthcare education SaaS

The Challenge:

Lecturio teaches med students online and they wanted to get noticed. They needed to be the first stop for anyone hitting up Google for medical studies help, and they needed the best quality links for their ongoing SEO campaigns.

Our Solution:

Here’s what we at LinkHatch rolled out since 2020:

  • Reactive PR: Whenever health news came up, we connected it with Lecturio’s content.
  • Data Campaigns: Mixed hard data with real talk to make studies that grab attention.
  • Link Exchanges: Teamed up with big-name sites like Healthline and medical journals for a quality content contribution.
  • Content Promotion: Put Lecturio’s articles and videos in the limelight.

We put the spotlight on quality. Instead of playing a numbers game, we focused on getting links that count.

The Results:

  • 500+ strong links from sites that are all about health and education.
  • 922.38% jump in people coming from search engines.
  • 53,023 new sign-ups all thanks to our SEO efforts.
  • Every single keyword we aimed for is now on Google’s first page.

The Client’s Take:

Stefan from Lecturio says, “LinkHatch has got the game down. Smooth workflow, solid results”

Saif Abbas

Saif Abbas

Master of clicks and links. With a decade in the SEO game, he's boosted brands into the spotlight. When he’s not cracking the SEO code, he’s knee-deep in the latest AI and tech.